php-activerecord 1.0 released!

by Kien La Sun Jun 27 20:02:55 -0400 2010

Version 1.0 is now official. Here are the list of changes from 1.0 RC1:

  • d2bed65 fixed an error with eager loading when no records exist
  • c225942 fixed set methods on DateTime objects to properly flag attributes as dirty
  • 46a1219 fixed a memory leak when using validations
  • c225942 fixed problem with some model functionality not working correctly after being deserialized
  • 3e26749 fixed validates_numericality_of to not ignore other options when only_integer is present and matches
  • 53ad5ec fixed ambiguous id error when finding by pk with a join option
  • 26e40f4 fixed conditions to accept DateTime values
  • 41e52fe changed serialization to serialize datetime fields as strings instead of the actual DateTime objects
  • dbee94b Model::transaction() now returns true if commit was successful otherwise false