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01:23 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: RE: Escaped values
And it's not due to gpc? Maybe a dumb question, gpc should only escape via GET/POST. But otherwise, I can't help you ...
01:04 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: RE: Escaped values
Oh, ok. This might be due to magic escaping:
12:52 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: Not having luck with advanced validation.
Shawn Dellysse wrote:
> here's to hoping my pull request gets accepted
Don't worry, if I'd be kla, I would accept...
12:48 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: Getting validate function to run
Latest Version = v1.0 ? validate() only exists in the nightly build, and it's actually quite stable, too. (@kla: I wo...
12:45 PM PHP ActiveRecord Help: RE: Escaped values
Actually, I don't see an obvious reason for escaping, as AR is using parametrized queries (SELECT ... WHERE a = ?). W...


12:38 PM PHP ActiveRecord Revision e6a9fa04072687a0a66fe33c0aa2ccffec7c4595: add unit test for attribute_is_dirty
11:44 AM PHP ActiveRecord Revision 6ff33475dbcaa901d3790f40ea01c06ddf77c741: Merge branch 'orig_master' into dev


09:46 AM PHP ActiveRecord Revision fe6f6849c8710233e8ec9360880e8f1eb14194c7: Performance considerations, add documentation ...


12:31 PM PHP ActiveRecord Revision 235521350fab961f9e4bdb030a0587607ca186f5: Check for public visibility of Callback methods
12:29 PM PHP ActiveRecord Revision b49defff099b3d101f3bb2b35f37aed5cc45e486: Add Model->attribute_is_dirty()

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