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09:09 AM PHP ActiveRecord Revision 96100175f2c268648a6b9fad3157620a6a6649d1: Merge pull request #284 from fetch/test-requir...
Using __DIR__ in require_once, to fix travis errors


09:47 PM PHP ActiveRecord Revision d6c4b929769d2d49f7af6d16ed9b68f94af9fed0: Update README.md
09:45 PM PHP ActiveRecord Revision c18feaf706588ff0f6f80fb6d6a8bcc42b579b60: Update README to use GitHub @usernames
09:42 PM PHP ActiveRecord Revision bb9d9cffce43d753be8a87814a60aa4f1cde5cc0: Merge pull request #245 from kla/gh-245-php-no...
php notice on "attribute_is_dirty" call if attribute is not dirty
09:39 PM PHP ActiveRecord Revision 823973196ce4f4945182ad4e4eca501eaf6df289: Fix PHP notice for checking non-dirty attributes
closes #210
closes #233
09:31 PM PHP ActiveRecord Revision 874add77596575ba1334d0a3ecb612f8b19170d8: Improve name of dirty_attribute test


10:15 AM PHP ActiveRecord Revision b32721773a31545c02b3666f82fa09b1f2f88234: Merge pull request #256 from anther/triple_lev...
Fix for triple level includes in the options array


11:42 PM PHP ActiveRecord Revision e23921047955cfcf0c4e5abcce6d5d9b74092283: Merge pull request #247 from fetch/informative...
Rethrow PDOException instead of PDOStatement as DatabaseException
11:39 PM PHP ActiveRecord Revision 35ea342d8185fb2f112b59a9ee03b764c2e76c01: Merge pull request #254 from koenpunt/patch-2
Added syntax highlighting in README by using typed code blocks
11:28 PM PHP ActiveRecord Revision 12f44df84ac08dafbc05e962cb7f6089df8cbf88: Merge pull request #239 from ethos-development...
Composer's autoload mechanism fails to load PHP-ActiveRecord classes

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